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Mrs. Huffman's Broncho Buster
It is time for us to start a new year! I am so excited to have your student in my class.  We have some fantastic things planned for this year.
You may hear your child talk about Marney in our class. She helps us with centers and folders.  She also helps with some testing.  The Reading Sufficiency Act requires us to do several assessments in Kindergarten.  If you would like to help with this, we will begin August 26th or so.  Jot me a note telling me the days you are available.  I can always use the help.
If you would like to come in and visit our doors are always open. Go by the office for a Visitor Badge and come have fun with us.

There is a link to our Snack Calendar on this page in case you ever misplace yours.  Also any other forms we have I try to have available here.  Check back also to see pictures of our year.
Click on Snack Calendar to view larger and to print!